Ultimate Pull Up Variations PART II – Get Wide! Endwell

Ultimate Pull Up Variations PART II – Get Wide!

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Movements Explained
1. High Five Pull Ups – a classic from Bull Strength. The exercise requires a dynamic pull up followed by release of one hand which leads to the need for increased deceleration and stability. This is a progression to clapping pull ups.

2. Softball Grip Pull Ups – this homemade tool opens up the hand more which will increases the demand for support grip strength. Also, the grip rotates which allows different, often more comfortable, shoulder tracking. Here is a 14 year old ripping 14 ball grip pull ups (now up to 20) and a one handed pull up.

3. One Handed Support Ball Grip – Ball grip pull ups are a hard back exercise – but then try them one handed! Rob is using a support grip (hand on the wrist). To make it more difficult progress to supporting your hand down by your elbow and then a fully one handed pull up.

4. Towel Pull Ups – A cheap way to increase the difficulty of the pull up. This is great for anyone that wants to work grip into their strength training program, but not increase the time of the workouts. Perform towel pull ups for the first two sets, then progress back to regular pull ups to make sure the back is worked sufficiently.

5. See Saw Pull Ups – Can be performed with towels, straps, or a thick rope (I love the thick rope variation!). See Saw pull ups increase the time under tension and require both stability and dynamic movement.

6. Hamstring Band Pull Ups – Easy way to add resistance without a complicated set up. Increase difficulty by putting the band closer to your ankles – easier closer to the back of your knees. I will perform band resisted x 5 then put my knees on top of the band (same set up) until failure. Amazing how that little help can get 3-4 more reps.

7. Tight Band Pull Ups – The tight band provides a minimal bouncing effect during the pull up. This gets the lifter used to the required stability for some of the more advanced pull up variations.

8. Loose Band Pull Ups – Look closely as Rob starts to pull…but goes no where. The band stretches which will require a longer time under tension, more stability, and a strong more complete controlled pulling motion.

9. Band Assisted Chin Ups – Not all these progressions are made to be “crazy.” They are meant to be useful. Almost everyone in the gym needs some assistance when first starting out on their chin ups. The band will help the lifter out of the hole and allow for younger athletes to get on the bar.

10. I Beam Pull Ups – Talk about opening up the hand for added grip strength! Your hands will basically be forming a right angle and these pull ups will get your back, wrists, and fingers real strong real fast. Part III will have a gym variation of the I beam Pull Up.

– Joe Hashey, CSCS –

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