3 Ways to UP Your Healthy Lifestyle Motivation


3 Ways to UP Your Healthy Lifestyle Motivation

3 Ways to UP Your Healthy Lifestyle Motivation

A busy adult just like yourself, Betsy Welch is a Nurse Practitioner at Endwell Family Physicians.

As well as her knowledge in nursing, she has experience in nutrition and athletics.

With all this knowledge and expertise, Betsy also knows that maintaining a healthy lifestyle does not always come easy.

You might be busy keeping your family matters under control. Which leads you to placing your health on the back burner.

But in Betsy’s words, we can always be moving up. Making moves in a positive direction towards our goals.

She shared her tip 3 ways to continue to level up and make progress.

1.) Spice It UP

When we think about eating healthy foods, we often think about bland chicken and vegetables.

Just doesn’t sound too appetizing.

So spice things up!


Use spices in your healthy meals to make your food more exciting and flavorful.

Limiting salt will also help reduce blood pressure, risk of cardiovascular disease, stroke and coronary heart attack.

Betsy’s go to spices are red pepper flakes, turmeric, and italian seasoning.

(She also creates her own spice blends. If you’re in the market. Check out Betsy’s Blends)

2.) Show UP

Working out can be hard.

Especially when you are juggling all of the many facets of life.

But it is important to show up for yourself.

Show up, even if it is small.

Set an attainable goal for yourself.

Maybe its going for a walk around the neighborhood every day.

Show up to accomplish your goal!

There is value in completing they goals that you set for yourself.

3.) Speak UP

Mental health and physical health go hand and hand.

It’s hard to move your body if your mind is resisting.

Recognize your feeling and don’t be afraid to speak up.

Whether it’s talking to a partner, family member, friend, or health care provider, it is important to share your feelings.

When you’re feeling better mentally, you will begin to feel better physically.

Betsy shares very insightful advice on Episode 14 of Synergy’s Accidentally Fit Podcast – “UP Your Healthy Lifestyle Motivation – A Conversation with Betsy Welch”.

Listen to learn more!