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Fitness for all Vestal residents

Synergy in Vestal offers flexible hours to fit your schedule, and is conveniently located on Vestal Parkway West. Just show up and we’ll help you achieve the fitness results with a program specifically tailored for you.

Reach out to get started

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Vestal Hours

Synergy Trainer Sessions:

  • M – Thurs:
    • 6am - 10am
    • 3 – 7pm
    • Friday 3 - 6pm
  • Saturday:
    • 8 – 10am
  • Sunday:
    • Closed

Coached Prices

We deliver a personalized fitness experience, at a group fitness value. It’s like having your own personal trainer that fits around your schedule!

Take a (Virtual) Tour!

We’re all about making you feel comfortable! You may click around the virtual tour below and check out the facility before scheduling your free trial.

Hear it straight from Synergy Vestal members

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Vestal, NY 13850
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