Make Fitness Stick & Remain Motivated

Make Fitness Stick & Remain Motivated

Member Alexa Langland began her fitness story with us 5 years ago when she had the goal to get fit for her wedding.

For a fews years Alexa went unseen at the gym.

Most recently, a year ago she walked back into Synergy with the with the goal of bettering her health and lifestyle.

As a business owner, Alexa has a lot on her plate, from long hours at work and unpredictable deadlines.

To top it all off, she is also a new home owner. (Congrats Alexa!)

Over the summer Alexa suffered an ankle injury on a seemingly harmless hike.

But she never let that get in the way of continuing her healthy lifestyle.

She still attended her weekly sessions at Synergy. Even if that meant she was sitting with focusing mainly on upper body.

She has a momentum going that she doesn’t want to let stop!

Despite all of the challenges, Alexa continues to stay dedicated to her healthy lifestyle.

Staying motivated is the key to success.

Alexa shared some ways she stays motivated on the daily.

1.) Set Aside The Time To Exercise

At Synergy members book their hour long session in advanced.

And Alexa will plan out her workouts sessions sometimes up to 2 weeks ahead of time.

Dedicating the time to your workout will help ward off those excuses of being too busy.

2.) Lay Out Your Gym Clothes

The night before a session Alexa always lays out her gym clothes for the next morning.

Waking up to your clothes ready is one less step in your morning routine.

And you might just feel a little guilty if you chose to skip your workout.

3.) Workout for Stress Relief

As busy as she is, Alex knows that her gym time is also “me time”.

It’s a time to take your mind off of any stressors in your life and to be present.

Alexa shares the full details about staying motivated on Episode 12 of Synergy’s Accidentally Fit Podcast – “Make Fitness Stick & Remain Motivated – A Conversation with Alexa Langeland”.

To top it all off, Alexa is extremely active by giving back through community events!

Listen to learn more!