Fitness Myths Debunked #2 of 15


Fitness Myths Debunked #2 of 15

MYTH: Fat can be targeted and reduced in specific areas of the body.

TRUTH: This one is tricky and may be a common misconception. I’m sure you’ve thought or heard before something like “I want to lose the fat from my stomach first then I want to work on my legs”.

Seems reasonable, right? Unfortunately, it isn’t. 

Spot reduction, or the ability to pick and choose where one will lose fat, isn’t possible.

There is a large genetic predisposition to where an individual may carry fat, as well as the fact that diet and exercise in combination are factors that determine body fat percentage.

You tend to see fat loss working in the reverse order in which it was gained. Therefore, if you gained fat in your stomach area, then legs then arms you would see loss first in your arms, then legs, then stomach area.

Remember reaching your goals may take a little time, don’t get frustrated and keep pushing!! 

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