Use These Habits To Live “Accidentally Fit”


Use These Habits To Live “Accidentally Fit”

Use These Habits To Live “Accidentally Fit”

1.) Big Habits

I don’t like the perception of big habits.

Sharing crazy success stories of athletes can be demotivating.

Their lifetime of habits led them to the place they are today.

It’s not practical for someone to get off the couch and try to achieve the same things.

It’s not realistic and is demotivating.

2.) Small Habits

A lifetime of small habits are what has lead that athlete to their success.

And small habits are what are going to lead you into becoming accidentally fit.

Every day you are going to be faced with choices that can become small healthy habits.

You might always be saying yes to pizza, or yes to going to dinner.

Snap yourself out of this bad habit loop with one habit.

3.) One Habit

The best habit that you can have is one habit.

Before each decision, make your one habit to take a deep calm breath.

Reflect on how you’re feeling and what choice will help lead you toward the healthy life you want to live.

Living accidentally fit is done through a compilation of small good habits.

This whole premise is the backbone of  Synergy’s Accidentally Fit Podcast – making small decisions to live a healthier life.

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