Christa Reese is our new community manager and she’s off to a 🔥 blazing start 🔥 in her first week!

In the big picture she’ll:

1. Help create a fun and unified experience for our current members.

2. Build awareness for our healthy initiatives in the local community as a whole.

Since Monday she already filled the whiteboards with projects, assisted in our 13 week the Fox40 segment team up, met with a local eatery to get member discounts, set up/met with a handful of local companies on employee wellness opportunities. Whew! 🤯

She didn’t even want to stand up for this photo, too much to do! 😀

You’ll see her buzzing between each location, learning member stories and making your experience 1,000 out of 10.

👋WELCOME Please join me in welcoming the newest member of your Team Synergy staff!

PS. We had to have at least one person that dresses professionally on the team 🙂 In 10 years, our first non coach staff member!


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