Innovative Barbell Conditioning Complex


Innovative Barbell Conditioning Complex

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Since it is my first Father’s Day – and Happy Father’s Day to all the real dads out there – I was inspired to add a few lifts that my 6 month old son Logan has taught me.

I can dead lift over 500 lbs, but picking up a 25 lb squirming baby in a car seat with one hand and walking around a store is brutal!!!! That’s real world strength right there.

So even though we can”t use odd objects, I did include suitcase dead lifts (like picking up my son Logan’s car seat) and something a little more crazy – a straight bar farmer’s walk (like carrying a squirming baby in the seat!) If you don’t hold a straight bar tight enough it will flop right out of your hand.


My younger brother Pat, not a father, figured that out in a hurry as the bar dipped on him! The key is to squeeze with your entire hand…HARD!
Synergy “Father” Barbell Conditioning Complex

* Burpee to power clean w/ quick push press x 5
* Suitcase dead lift x 5
* Farmers walk x 20 yards and back
* Burpee to low row x 5
* Barbell landmines x 5-10
* Single arm grappler presses x 5-10

Progression: Perform the first 4 exercises with dumbbells, or a lighter barbell. 135 is brutal on the conditioning!

Muscles Targeted: EVERYTHING! Chest and triceps(burpee and push up, shoulders (clean and push press), back and bis (low rows) core (shovel DLs, landmines, single arm farmers), legs (burpee, clean, farmers, shovel DLs), grip (shovel DLs, single arm farmers).


Reasoning: I firmly believe that off season conditioning goes WITH weight training, not in place of it. Therefore, I don’t make conditioning the entire workout. This complex would go after a proper weight training session and take 15-20 minutes at most to complete.

– Joe Hashey, CSCS –

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