Prowler Suicides and Plank Rows – Killer Conditioning!


Prowler Suicides and Plank Rows – Killer Conditioning!


Prowler suicides = awesome.

Plank rows = awesome.
Prowler + plank rows = pain.

Plank rows are an exercise I introduced on Synergy a few months ago. (Read about it = Plank Rows and Gym Variations). It is an abdominal plank combined with a hand over hand sled row. Plank rows involve an incredible amount of core stability, grip strength, and fortitude.

The “prowler” is an awesome piece of equipment sold by Ours is kind of the “ghetto version.” Either way, the push/pull sled is like riding a motorcycle or traveling to a foreign country – everyone should experience it at least once in their life time!

Finishing Circuit

* Prowler Suicide (approximately 7 yards, 14 yards, then 20 yards)
* Plank Rope Rows (50 ft rope)
* 4 timed Circuits with 2 minutes rest

Well…two of us finished all 4. A few people, perhaps wisely, bowed out after two, and another one dropped dead after 3 (figuratively of course).

– Joe Hashey, CSCS –

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