How To Train Full Team On A Budget (Football Basketball


How To Train Full Team On A Budget (Football Basketball

How To Train Full Team On A Budget (Football Basketball …

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READ THIS BEFORE QUESTONS: Your Training Manual: Watch the video to hear the full question, but here are the basics:

Full team
Not much equipment
Mostly beginners to the sport
Young training age
I would not take a group like this and expect to bench, squat, and dead lift. Football season is 4 weeks away so it is time to get a big bang for buck in the time they have available. If you start with the power lifts, you will barely have sufficient form in this short window.

Here’s 3 days broken down for you.

Day 1: Sled Pulls. Lots of them.

Use the equipment mentioned in the video below to get yourself 2 or 3 tire sleds. If you can’t stack it with weights, put a board across the bottom and fill it with DBs, rocks, other kids, ANYTHING for resistance.

Sled Workout:

1. Forward Sled Sprints 10 x 15 yards with near complete rest (60 – 90 seconds, low weight)

2. Backward Sled Sprints, same as above

3. Heavy Sled sprints, 4 x 20 yards (60 seconds rest)

4. Team Sled Relays. Create something and have fun with it.

Day 2: Gym Day – Full Body
Since the assumption is there is not a lot of equipment in the gym, we have to keep this super simple and practical.

Here’s what I mean by “goblet” position with the DB.
1. Dumbbell Goblet Squats 5 x 8

2a. Supine Rows 4 x 12

2b. Push Ups 4 x 12

3. Goblet Hold Walking Lunges 3 x 10 yards

4a. Partner GHRs (shown in this video) 5 x 5

4b. Renegade Rows w/ Push Ups 5 x 6 rows ea arm (12 push ups)

Sure there are lots of other fancy exercises, but this will set you a rock solid base. Add core (planks with great form), or other accessories exercises only if you have time and your squad isn’t beat up.

Day 3. Upper/Lower Outdoors

This day is simple and I just prefer to get outdoors with teams.

1. Rotational Tire Circuit (as shown in the video) x 4

2. Forward Bear Crawls 5 x 20 yards

3. Sideways Bear Crawls 5 x 20 yards

4. Backwards Bear crawls 5 x 20 yards.

5. Sprints (position specific. Big boys 5 – 15 yards with 30-45 sec rest) Quality over quantity.

On this day feel free to finish with a tire tug of war or any team builder.

– Joe Hashey, CSCS –


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