HS Football Lineman Contest ( Endwell NY ) Binghamton N

HS Football Lineman Contest ( Endwell NY )

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I couldn’t have been more proud of their hard work and buying into my strength program. It is comical that people immediately point to cheating when they get dominated in strength. It is unbelievable to some people since they lift weights with their buddies, but aren’t nearly as strong as the guys that came out of our gym.

Since they both lift weights, and one is stronger, then someone must be cheating!

Ha, we all know better! The difference is in the programming. For example, just because Henry Ford and I get in car making contest, it doesn’t mean mine will be just as good as Mr. Ford’s car. He has a better plan and experience. Same goes in all fields.

So how did my athletes do in the 26 team 2010 Lineman Challenge?
1st Place Overall
1st Place Individual

The athlete that has been with me the longest, Jake, won first place just days after graduating 9th GRADE against all high school classes.

He also won the bench press with an amazing 33 reps at 185 lbs IN 30 SECONDS. Out of the 6 individual events, 130 athletes, Jake has metals from 3 and placed highly in all of them.

To be honest, the weights in this contest seemed light to me, plus there was a lot of speed and agility obstacle courses for being a “lineman challenge,” but it really doesn’t matter. We train to be strong AND fast! I assume it was so everyone could participate and complete the events.

The high school that has been sending their athletes, Maine Endwell, graciously wore our gym tee shirts and won 1st place as a team. Hats off to their players and coaches for being incredibly dedicated.

2010 Lineman Challenge Video

I cut it short (and missed a few events due to running the gym), but check out the tug of war, that’s where you can really see the difference. Plus I lost my voice! Awesome environment.

Events: obstacle course, fireman’s carry, sandbag carry, bench press, tire flip, bus push, tug of war.

– Joe Hashey, CSCS –

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