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Under the bar workout exeperience

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Question: Hey, I love the site and the videos about your gym. I want to open a gym just like that! With two years left in college, what do you recommend I look into?? – Jay


I get a lot of emails like this, and I hope you are sincere Jay because it isn’t as easy as opening your doors and having people flood in. Since you are still in college, there are two things I recommend:

1. Volunteer at your school gym or with your school strength coach.
2. Get as much UNDER THE BAR experience as possible while continuing your studies.

In my humble opinion, under the bar experience is what separates the standard big box gym trainers from the elite level trainers.

Let’s make a few under the bar experiences you need to have sometime in your life:

1. Go to a hole in the wall gym where everyone trains like an animal. Chances are your ears will be ringing like you were standing by a 15 foot speaker during a Metallica concert from the screaming music.
2. Drive all night to one of the real gyms in the country, train your ass off, then drive home all the next night because you need to get back for class in the morning.
3. Squat with someone that squats twice as much as you. Swallow your pride.

4. Let a boxing trainer run through a full conditioning workout….and probably get yourself decked at least once.
5. Get to a seminar full of proven trainers that back up their talk.

The most valuable learning experiences I have EVER HAD come from some of the crazy things above. Driving to Westside barbell and EliteFts (8 hour drive and squatting twice in one day), taking two days to get my hearing back after a hole in the wall gym in PA, and spending time at Joe Defranco’s seminars.

It is the under the bar experiences that help shape you as an trainer and individual.

Last seminar I attended was the NSCA Northeast conference where another presenter, Scott, and I got together the night before just to do crazy things. Here’s a video!

Strength Gathering at NSCA Northeast

– Joe Hashey, CSCS –

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